"We absolutely loved the tutor that was sent to us from Buckhead Private Tutoring. She knew exactly what our son needed in order to improve his skills. Not only was she extremely organized and professional, but was also warm and personable. We saw dramatic improvements in his learning habits and in his ability to focus. His skills improved drastically and quickly! We are so thankful for Buckhead Private Tutoring!”"

-C.R., The Westminster Schools

"As a mother of three children, two being a set of twins, Mrs. Thomas took absolute control of a most stressful and complex time in my life; applying my children to private school. Not only did she go above and beyond her duties, she became a dear friend. I must say I admire her very high level of professionalism, and respect her opinions in regard to decision making in the complex arena of navigating the private school options here in Atlanta. She is also a mother of three and is right in the mix when it comes to understanding the finer nuances of such an interesting process as the private school application process. She is absolutely on target with what the schools want from their applicants, as well as current teachings and subject matter. I found the process to be less painful due to Mrs. Thomas's guidance and knowledge of the process. Millie is a team player, and is always willing to go the extra mile for your child. I value her opinion and trust her to steer me in the right direction when it comes to doing the right thing for my child/children. I simply cannot say enough about her dedication to the art of teaching, and her passion for it!"

-L.R., Christ the King School

"When we were actively seeking extra enrichment for Raj, we met and interviewed many different tutors and programs. We were not content about the choices around the area so we continued to ask and network to find the right match for our son. Eventually, through a mutual friend, we were introduced to Millie Thomas.

By this time we were specifically looking for a special connection with a teacher that could not only cover the academics but enrich the whole child with an environment of sophistication, behavior, and class. We immediately found this connection in Millie and for our family this is what drew us to her as opposed to the other “factory or production line style learning centers.” Our son immediately took to her and they shared the kind of relationship that we wanted for Raj. Teachers play a very influential role in every child’s life. We feel that process oriented production line learning centers can only provide a formula academic base and disconnects a child from all that a good teacher can offer.

We would highly recommend all parents that share the same view on education to meet Millie and allow her to have an impact on your child and family the way she has with our son and family. We cherish her and know you will too."

-N.P., Jackson Elementary

"I sent two of my girls to Millie when they were in Pre-K. I was amazed how well they were reading before they started kindergarten. Because of the great start with Millie, my girls are reading way above their grade levels."

-Parent, Pace Academy

"I would recommend BPT for any type of learning needs, whether it be a child with or without a learning challenge. The strategies our daughter learned through “Strategic Coaching” were so helpful. Both of our daughter’s tutors were extremely loving and supportive in helping to build her academic skills and self confidence. They were knowledgeable about what is expected in both the Atlanta public and private schools. We have found that BPT is well connected with the best teachers in Atlanta. We are grateful for what they have done for our daughter!"

-L.M., The Atlanta Speech School and Sarah Smith Elementary

"I can honestly say that my child would not be the successful student that he is today had it not been for the help he received from Buckhead Private Tutoring. Year after year, he applies the skills that he learned from his tutor. We watched our child grow from a shy and unsure student into a self-confident self starter! He now takes pride in his schoolwork, and takes personal responsibility for his academic achievements. Thank you to Buckhead Private Tutoring for helping our son for life!"

-Parent, Woodward Academy and The Westminster Schools

"Millie Thomas was an exceptional tutor to my then five year old daughter. Millie couples a wealth of knowledge about how children learn with a style that emphasizes positive reinforcement. We shall always keep the Journal that our daughter added to each week under Millie’s supervision. The Journal is a record of academic improvement that stands as testimony to Millie’s considerable skills."

-K.K., Christ the King School

"We are so grateful to Buckhead Private Tutoring for all the help that my daughter received. Her tutor was professional and personable and was a perfect match for my daughter. She not only helped her improve in trouble areas, but our daughter soon rose to the top of her class! Our greatest delight was to see her self confidence rise. She now loves school and is making all A’s! We know that this would not have happened if it hadn’t been for our great tutor from Buckhead Private Tutoring. Thank you!”

-H.F., The Lovett School

"Reading is no longer a chore for both of our boys because of the one on one tutoring they have received through Millie. They now read for pleasure…sometimes several books a week! A true gift they will have for life.”

-A.T., Woodward Academy

"Thank you so much for sending Michele. She has been a gift! She really gets my daughter and always finds a way to engage her. The progress she has made in math this year is definitely the direct result of Buckhead Private Tutoring.

-K.A., Morris Brandon Elementary

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