Strategic Coaching
Learning How to Learn

Strategic Coaching is an additional service that we offer in order to most effectively meet the needs of students with diagnosed learning issues. For these students, we have partnered with Dr. Lynda Boucugnani-Whitehead, Ph.D., developer of Strategic Learning Coaching (SLC). Dr. Lynda is a veteran neuropsychologist whose efforts have resulted in translating research findings to practical, effective strategies for students.

SLC was developed for children diagnosed with ADHD, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, Language-based Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Written Expression, Executive Function Problems and Math Disabilities.


The major need for many students is to "learn how to learn".


Strategic Coaching is different than traditional tutoring. While tutoring generally focuses on specific subject areas and helps the student to gain knowledge in that area, strategic coaching has a different purpose. It equips students with skills to plan and organize a strategy, which can be applied to the successful completion of a task or test. While Strategic Learning Coaching was created for students with most learning disabilities/attention deficit/ executive function disorders, specialized coaching can be helpful for any student with organizational issues.

Many of our tutors have received intensive direct training by Dr. Lynda on the neurological functioning of students with various disabilities and the needs, strategies and techniques that will work effectively with them. These tutors are certified “Strategic Learning Coaches”.

In most students with learning disabilities or attention deficit, executive function disorders, the prime "disability" is in the ability to formulate strategies to approach academic tasks. This strategy deficit underlies the academic difficulties a student experiences, particularly in the "production" of school work and performance tasks. Many students, therefore, need a "strategic coach" to assist them in learning such strategies so that they can later independently utilize them as they advance in their education.

Research in neurology and neuropsychology has supported this concept, and the latest research clearly is showing neurological differences that may keep some students from being able to do this independently. A strategic learning coach can provide the explicit framework or structure for "learning how to learn" and will help the student build a repertoire of learning strategies that he or she can eventually use on their own - throughout their lives. Students with many types of learning disabilities or differences share this need for external help to build internal resources.

If interested in learning more about Strategic Learning Coaching, please contact Amanda Galloway.

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